Thursday, September 22, 2011


Samsung's is another cloud based mobile application testing service. This article is a summary of my experience with it specific to Android. The site also supports Windows Mobile, Java and bada testing.

What's great about it:)

- It's free!

What's not so great about it:(

- Limited functionality (no automated testing)
- Limited devices (only Samsung devices)
- Each session on a device is valid for a max of 30min.

For those of you who would like to try it out here's how..

Go to and register a new account. Sign in with the new account you created. Select Android page (see screen shot below..)

Now select from left of the screen (see pic below..)

Now click the Android button (see pic..)

A requirements test will follow. If all requirements are met you can proceed to the lab screen where you can select the device you want from what is available (see screen..). One you've decided on a device select 'Start' to download the java web start app(.jnlp file) that will show you the running device (grant required permissions for the application to run on your pc).

You can test your android apps on the device by downloading the .apk files onto it over the internet.

More screenshots...


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