Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Perfecto! - Cloud mobile testing

Perfecto is the Spanish word for perfect. It is also the name of a cloud mobile testing service (http://www.perfectomobile.com). For an overview of how perfecto offers cloud mobile testing services please see their video(embeded below).

The perfecto website offers a 1 hour free trail for testing their service. This blogpost is an overview of my trial usage of perfecto.

Perfecto Free Trail Overview

For my trial experimenting I picked the Motorola Droid handset. We have one of these handsets at work. I picked this handset so I can rate my virtual testing experience against the real thing. Having completed my trial testing period I would say the virtual experience was quite realistic although it was a few seconds slower to touch and other event responses. Below are screenshots taken during the trail.

What I liked about perfecto:

- I could manipulate the virtual device much the same way as the real device. One functionality I couldn't trigger was the keypad open/close, but perhaps that functionality has been omitted from the trail version.

- Installing .apk files to the virtual device was a breeze.

- I could easily trigger incoming calls and sms on the virtual device(note: even though I refer to the perfecto device as 'virtual' it is in actuality a real device - refer video above). Triggering these actions on a real device would have been a little bit more cumbersome.

Perfecto does seem like a close to perfect solution for mobile testing on the cloud. However I was disappointed to find that the feature I was really looking forward to trying out; automation testing, was not available in the trial. If automated testing is as good as it appears in the video, then that would definitely make perfecto just perfect!:)


  1. Nice post. Were you able to find a list of all the Android devices Perfecto ha available?

  2. Thank you Marko. The full device list is available here: http://www.perfectomobile.com/portal/cms/services/handsets.html

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  4. Dear Blog Administrator,
    Can you show me a demo, when we meet up next time?

    P.S: Nice post.

    Kathiravelu Pradeeban.

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