Sunday, February 28, 2010

Running Ubuntu inside Windows

Love this! No more rebooting for windows or ubuntu. No need for a separate VM. I am running ubuntu inside windows and can access both ubuntu and windows programs at the same time. Right now I am running IE on windows while downloading packages on Synaptic Package Manager on ubuntu.

I am running Vista with 3GB RAM and core 2 duo processor and things run pretty much normal without slowing down.

Totally recommend this for anyone using Windows and Ubuntu on dual boot.

Here's a screenshot of what ubuntu inside windows looks like on my machine.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Send SMS for free to dialog Sri Lanka numbers from your email

This is not an ideal way to send SMS but it works, its easy and its free! Well not 100% free because to activate it the SMS receiver must dial 711. That will cost around Rs 3/-.

next go to your email program and create a new message.
in the 'To' field put the email address(es) in the following format

(this is the dialog number of the receiver followed by '')

in the 'Subject' field put your message (this should be less than 120 characters)
leave message body blank
send the message
the receiver will get the message immediately.

This is an easy way to send short SMS alerts for free to a group of people. I found this method out while referring to the 'Pocket Office' service offered by dialog.

If anyone knows of a better way to send SMS for free to dialog please let me know. I tried out different services available online but none of them worked.