Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sync services become part of the mozilla platform

With Bug 571902 the weave sync services have now been integrated into the mozilla platform by the weave developer team. The sync code can now be found in the mozilla-central repo under services/. Look forward to seeing Seamonkey include sync as a service in a future release. My GSoC project mentor KaiRo has reported Bug 576970 to get the sync UI ported into Seamonkey (comm-central repo). Although landing sync code in mozilla platform means the application specific code has been separated (mainly ui code) there is still app-specific code in the services/sync which is why I still need my tabs sync patch for Seamonkey to be approved by the Weave team.

Work done last week:

1. Updated my patch for getting tabs sync to work in Seamonkey to include new weave code changes.

2. Started a new mercurial repo to track changes I make to the weave code.

Learned a lot about mercurial in the process.

3. Changed mailnews extension code to sync both feed and newsgroup mailheaders (status and tags). I am using a svn repo for the mailnews extension.

Work to be done:

1. Sync mailnews engine by default on application startup.
2. Create a testing plan for testing new mailnews engine in Seamonkey & Thunderbird.
3. Update mercurial repo with mailnews code.
4. Track Bug 576970 and see how sync can be ported into Seamonkey!:)

During this time I discussed with KaiRo on some aspects of the project. It was decided that all weave development for Seamonkey should be tested with Seamonkey trunk code. It was also decided to continue development of mailnews engines as a separate extension.

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  1. Thanks for sharing info.

    I'm going to start using weave. I have the same trouble. Need a tree hierarchy for managing bookmarks.

    I don't even know what exactly that I want.
    Something like when I type " alright computer just give me the "keyword1" "keyword2" "keyword3" searches nearly for the pages that I visit near last year February. I could not remind the title of the song" .

    It's a technologically nightmare to implement the features that I need, may be for somebody like me only knows the graduate level Theory of computing,Is it possible to integrate symmetric nets into this? May be I don't know what I'm talking about. May be my requirements are too exponential, so dream never would be a reality in a oracle.