Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MailNews read status and tag name sync

I didn't post my GSoC project weekly update last week because I couldn't do any of the project work last week because we had our final year project evaluations that week. This week however I was able to get back to work on the project:)

I am happy to finally have feed status and tag name up and down sync working in my MailNews engine. But I cannot celebrate yet because I have some tasks to clear yet. I am listing them below so I can track my progress on these tasks in future.

1. Weave have changed their code structure and shifted their code repository from to The engine code API is still is pretty much the same but I have to test my MailNews Engine with the new weave code and especially look how changes made with Bug 572436 will affect it.

2. Generalize the MailNews Engine status and tag name sync so that it will work for both feeds and newsgroups. (avoiding email for now because differences in protocols such as POP and IMAP result in new complications to sync).

3. Do complete testing for MailNews Engine in Seamonkey and TB (must decide which version to do the testing for?).

4. File new bug to include MailNews Engine in Weave and followup on old Tabs for Seamonkey bug.

Project mid evaluations will be held 12th-16th July and project closing will be 9th-14th August. So I have about 6weeks to finish all the work. I will have to speed up my work a bit but hope to get everything done on schedule:)

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  1. moved mailnews engine code to a google code project so that development can be tracked easily.