Monday, May 24, 2010

Official start of Google Summer of Code is today..

It's May 24th! Official date to begin coding for Google Summer of Code. Of course I already started coding before the official start date because I have to manage the summer of code work with my final semester of study in university.
What I have done so far

-Submitted a patch to get Tabs sync working on weave (see:
-Wrote a separate extension to get/set read/unread status of mailnews (working on feeds currently) messages
-Started work on weave engine for mailnews sync (however I still haven't managed to install the engine into weave so that still has to be done)

Mid term evaluations are due July 12 by which time I should have the new mailnews engine functional for both upsync and down sync. I will be posting weekly updates on this blog so stay tuned:)

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