Sunday, May 9, 2010

Listening to mailnews property changes

Last week was bit busy with job interviews and completing final year project work so I had to limit the time I had to work on my SM-Weave project. Hope to catch up on more work this week.

Here's what I did last week..

I setup a listener for mail/news item property changes. Now I can capture any read/unread status changes made in the UI as well as other property changes such as tagging a mailnews item. I will use this listener in the Tracker class of my weavesync engine which I have just started work on.

The updated code with the listener is in the svn.

The same listener code also works in Thunderbird and I will continue testing in both SM and TB to try to have the final sync engine working on both apps.

For this week I need to somehow catch NeilAway (who is always away;) ) on SM IRC and discuss the best place to put the weave menu item 'Tabs From Other Computers'. Then get it approved by KaiRo (IRC nick of my project mentor) and write the overlay and possibly have it submitted as a patch for weave.

Also hope to get my first experimental weave engine working before next week.

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