Sunday, September 7, 2008

Problem with Google Apps...

AIESEC in Sri Lanka is currently using google apps email service which allows our members to have our own emails with our own domain name [].

Google apps email works excellently [ js like in gmail]. The pluses are we get our own domain name in the email address and all members using the same domain in their email automatically appear in the shared Contact List [can see all the emails of all our members in ur contacts whithout having to add them manually]. All this for free if you use the 'Std version'of google apps.

Only I have a small problem as admin that when I delete a user[ std version allows only 200 users, that is 200 email address for your domain] that user doesn't get deleted from the shared contact list. So every time I delete a user from google apps I have to inform all other users on my domain to delete that user from their contact list. Quite problematic actually.

Since google apps automatically adds all newly created users to the shared 'Contact List' if they would also automatically remove all deleted users from the shared contact list life would be swell!

I did however report this in the google apps discussion forum. Have to wait and see if I get a reply...

Anyways having email is great for me becoz harini is a very common name and i can't get a harini@domain for any other free email service!

So id give google apps 9/10 inspite of the above problem!


  1. Got the response.. Looks there is no other solution..

    Every time the administrator deletes an email account [ a user] from google apps he/she must inform all other users to delete that email [user] from their contact list..

    Bit of a hassle, but only way it works..

  2. Googleapps increased our free email accounts from 200 to 300! It only took them less than 15 minutes to approve my request. I think the googleapps team is just fantastic!