Thursday, August 7, 2008

Natasha's story..

Natasha is a nangi I spoke to in the bus today. It was the usual 255 bus ride for me from Galkissa [ a.k.a. Mt. Lavinia] to university. I rarely speak with anyone in the bus unless I meet someone I know from uni but this nangi who I sat next to suddenly started talking to me and within the span of 30 minutes of the bus ride she told me a touching story. I have some doubts about it.. Still whether it is true or not it is a sad story and I pray she has a better life..

Natasha said she was studying in year 10 at a school in galkissa [ i don't quite remember the name but she said it was a mixed school]. Her ambition is to be a doctor. She was impressed to learn that I was studying engineering [ and i thought i saw a flash of envy in her eyes, but that could've been my imagination]. She has 3 younger brothers and in the course of the conversation she indirectly revealed that her father passed away in the 255 bus bomb about 2 months back [ i did not know what to say at this point..]. She said she wanted to enter university to show off to her relatives who had made fun of her..

But I am not quite sure of her story, for one thing although she said she was returning from school she was not in uniform and she was not carrying any books, just a transparent file with the chemical table visible on top [ she did say chemistry was her favourite subject though but do they teach chemistry in grade 10??]. She asked me when I will be coming again in the bus [ was this because she wanted to collect money from me?].

But she didn't ask me for any money. She even changed 5 rupees for me so that I can collect my change from the bus conductor without any trouble. She seemed genuinely happy to have someone to talk to and genuinely determined about her ambition of becoming a doctor.

In the end I did give her my home phone number though, in case she wanted help with her studies. Was that a wise thing to do? I dont know..

Anyways whether Natasha's story is all true or not I wish her good luck and hope she finds a happier life..


  1. I personally believe that this incident really touched your heart. For me this post is something very special in your blog. There are a lot of children like this who needs our help. I say this because we got all these opportunities may be because we are lucky and had all the facilities to get a good education. So it is also our duty to help people who wasn't lucky as we are. It's not about helping the girl you have met with money. But helping her out to see her life/ future in a broader angle. Thus, guiding her life in the correct path.

    You must have remembered the experience we got from our first AIESEC project "elite". It was all about children like this. "Educating the under-privileged".

    By the way, becoming an engineer, doctor or accountant or ... who works only for his/her personal betterment is useless in any case.

    And also I'm stunned about your 'Passion and Ambition' in life. Very impressive. Keep it up. I'm very happy because, now know that there is at least one friend who wants to do the same thing what I want to do in life . Universal Vishwa is also there for you on situations like this.

    So, my final conclusion is, "I think you missed an a opportunity". Don't worry about it.
    Believe me, there will be more opportunities like this in future, if you keep your eyes open.

    Universal Vishwa

  2. Thank you Vishwa for your advice and encouragement..