Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mozilla in Google Summer of Code 2011

GSoC 2011 is here and as always the Mozilla Foundation is a participating project. I really like this year's summer of code logo. The design looks like it's based on the movie TRON.

Mozilla's summer of code projects for this year can be found here:

Seamonkey projects:

There are two great projects for Seamonkey and both are for the mailnews component. I wish the very best of luck for the students who apply for this year! I really learned a lot from my summer of code with Seamonkey last year:)

Another interesting news is that one of my friends who encouraged me to take part in summer of code last year is a gsoc mentor for this year! Congratulations Pradeeban!:) Have a great summer of code!:)

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  1. Hi Harini,
    Thanks for your greetings. It's weird that I missed this post then, and just found this tonight.. :)