Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to show/hide desktop icons on ubuntu.

If your desktop ever looks as cluttered as the 'Before' pic below you will definitely find this method useful!

Sometime back I wrote a blog post on how to do the same thing for windows http://hariniachala.blogspot.com/2009/11/hide-messy-looking-desktop-icons-with.html. When looking for a similar method for my ubuntu desktop i came across this..


Follow the instructions in the link and soon your desktop will be magically free of all clutter!



If you like my wallpaper you can get it here (http://bit.ly/35rzNB). The word at the bottom means 'Spring'. I've put it in Greek to add a touch of mystery to the wallpaper:)


  1. oh.. you are Greek..
    btw, I am Spanish.. :)

  2. So thats what Llovizna is!:D It means drizzle in English right? cool:)

    Actually I used Greek coz it's always said that something that could not be understood 'looks like Greek', and in this case it actually is!

    Anyways the word looks lovely too..

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