Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Beginnings

Can't believe its 1st Jan 2009 tomorrow! I really don't want 2008 to end because it has been a fantastic year. Both ups and downs of course but the highs are much more memorable than the lows. The most important thing i learnt in 2008 is to 'Never Let an Opportunity Slip Away'. Making a note of it here so that i'll remember it in 2009.

Most memorable highlights for 2008

- Getting selected as National Information Systems Manager of AIESEC in Sri Lanka
- Attending AIESEC Evolve conference in Singapore
- Starting my internship at IFS - Colombo

The purpose of this post however is to record my New Year's Resolutions. I've come up with just 1 for 2009 and have my heart set on sticking to it.

New Year's Resolution: Will plan everything ahead and use a weekly planner and stick to schedule as much as possible!

Oh, and I've finally managed to change my blog template. Not sure how long i'll keep this one but I just love the short haired girl in pants idea because that's so me!

Also on my NewYear's ToDo list is to make more frequent blog postings. Still have to make one about my internship at IFS - Colombo. It's been great so far and i've got loads to say about it. Hope to make that posting soon.

Goodbye to 2008 and Hello 2009! Have a great New Year!

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