Friday, May 2, 2008

Free stuff over the internet

As someone who recently converted from a slow dial-up connection (52kbps at max)to a broadband connection I am just beginning to discover the 'so far undiscovered treasures of the internet'.

My current favorite treasures are You Tube [ its fantastic to finally be able to watch streaming videos in real time over the net] and LimeWire. Of the 2 i guess LimeWire is the real treasure coz its become my doorway to free stuff over the internet!

LimeWire is a software that enables P2P file sharing. You can use it to search for music, videos, ebooks or software that you are looking for. The program searches if any of its other users have what you are looking for on their pcs. If yes they will download it directly from their pc to yours! Its absolutely free! I am not sure to what extent copyright laws are broken but im not too bothered.. Anyways I am a big supporter of having free stuff over the net. Id very much like to see the internet becoming an equalizer in that way..

As all things LimeWire has both good and bad...

Choice [when there are multiple files with same content u can decide which file to download depending on the file rating]
Pause [ U can always run the download in the background while doing another task and u can always pause it and shut down the program and come back whenever..]


Virus [ u might come across viruses disguized as other content. how well u ellude these depends on wit and the strenght of ur anti virus]
Limited [ Dont expect to find evrything u r looking for.. Availability depends on popularity and how lucky u r!]

LimeWire is opensource and absolutely free. Really worth trying out...

No more googling evry damn thing im looking for.. A good thing, especially since google is becoming more and more copyright conscious and hiding away free content sites where u can't find them...

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